Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review of Collen Hoover's Hopeless

Heartbreaking Good Read
 Hopeless is a contemporary romance about a girl and a guy who find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another because of something that occurred in each other's past.

O.k. I am going off my formatting again because I NEED to get everything that I am feeling off my chest. I read this book about a month ago but I didn't know if I could review it; this book was so emotionally wrenching,
it took me to sweet romance highs then brought me crashing down to the raw emotion of betrayal by the people who are supposed to love and protect you . I CRIED, probably more than I have in a really long time. The story line is carefully weaved so it twists and turns just so giving you glimpses of what is to come then suddenly you are blindsided by the emotion of it all. The author developed the main and secondary characters well, each doing their part to bring together all the pieces of the puzzle that is Hopeless. The writing is smooth however there were a few moments that I had to pause and reread, normally this is one of my pet peeves but I felt the need to go back and really “hear” the characters. The dialogue and banter between the main characters is sweet and at times quite sexy but it is also heartfelt and raw. I really enjoyed Sky and the kind of relationship she had with her mom and friends. Holder is so perfectly flawed, although at first I thought he was just a little mental. I normally don’t like to delve into these kinds of stories because it reminds me that I have a story of my own but the author put words to the emotions I have kept locked inside for so many years. The cover is hauntingly beautiful. It was a heartbreakingly good read.

Rating 4.5 Stars of 5 Stars

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